Continuous Forms from Cascading Combo Boxes



I have a form with 2 cascading combo boxes in the form header. The first is
to select the year & the next to select the version.

The source of the Year & Version is the same query from which I need the
data to be shown in the detail section of the form

TSL Number
ABC 5000
BCD 3000

I have a query ‘Data Query’. It has the fields: Year, Version, TSL, Value

Year Version TSL Value
2008 1 ABC 99
2008 1 BCD 50
2008 2 ABC 75
2008 2 BCD 60
2009 1 ABC 87
2009 1 BCD 45

I want to set up a continuous form with 2 Cascading combo boxes (I’m OK with
the cascading bit) from which I can select Year & Version, & then have the
corresponding TSL & Value list show in the Detail area.

I know I need to set requery’s on the ‘Onload’ & ‘AfterUpdate’ events for
the appropriate boxes, but I can’t even get the form to only show the data I
want at the moment.

In the text boxes in the Detail section, what do I need to use as the
control source?

I’ve seen the posts where it says to add the data to the Combo boxes & then
use field 2 etc, but if I do that, instead of a nice 2008, 2009 list, I get
them repeated several hundred times.


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