Problem with Trust for User



I built an assembly and generated a test strong name key pair with
sn.exe. The assembly runs fine and is installed in the GAC and also
as a COM+ Server Application.

I ran the 1.1 Framework Config Tool to trust the assembly. I selected
"Make Changes for this User Only", navigated to the .DLL, said to
trust this assembly only, and got this error:

"Due to your existing security policy, the wizard is unabel to
increase the level of trust for this assembly. No changes were made
to your policy."

How can I make my user account trust my assembly?




Felix Wu [MSFT]

Hi Primpilus

Are you using the wizard shipped within .NET Framework 1.0? There is a
known issue in the wizard that can occur this probelm. Try to apply the
.NET Framework SP2 and see if it can help. The problem is fixed in .NET
Framework 1.1

If you are not able to upgrade the framework, you can use the "Microsoft
.NET Framework Configuration" utility (mscorefg.exe) to configure the


Felix Wu
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