Trust an Assembly



I have created a C# .exe that is going to be run from a network drive. I
copied the .exe along with the required .DLLs to a directory on the network
drive. I installed an icon on the user's desktop pointing to the .exe. When
the user tries to run the app, they get an error. If I run the .Net Framework
1.1 wizard and click on 'trust an assembly' and drill down to the .exe on the
network drive, everything is okay.

How can I code this .exe or deployment package so that the assembly is
trusted without having to go to each user's machine and run the .Net
Framework wizard to trust the assembly?




Carlos J. Quintero [.NET MVP]

Your network administrator must create and run an script using the
command-line caspol.exe utility of the .NET Framework to adjust the security
for that assembly or folder. See the docs about that utility.


Carlos J. Quintero

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