Problem with Radeo 7000 PCI in IBM Thinkcentre 8183 (S50) - please help.




I seem to be having exactly the same problem as someone who posted
previously. They said:
"I've been trying to install a second video card in this Thinkcentre
at work, and after seeing the login screen of windows XP for about 5
seconds, the primary (onboard) video shuts down. Any ideas? "

To clarify my situation, I have installed the Radeon 7000 PCI card
into the pc and changed the BIOS to use the PCI card as video rather
than the built in video. Monitor connected to Radeon's VGA output. On
power up, bios messages are displayed, then wndows starts and the
windows logo is shown, but then the screen goes blank. I've tried
safe mode in 640x480 to be sure it's not a matter of Windows driving
an incompatible resolution. If I reboot again with the BIOS switched
to use onboard video (and monitor plugged into onboard video's VGA
port), windows comes up fine and a check in Control Panel for Devices
shows both the onboard video and Radeon card reporting as installed
and no problems. But the dang thing won't stop going to a black
screen when I try to use the Radeon as my primary video!

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Please respond to my above listd email address or this newsgroup if
you prefer.





Been awhile since I have played with multiple video cards. Yet I had the
same dilemma as you. I do believe you have to go into the XP video settings
to change the default monitor.

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