Problem with property controls



I have setup a report template so the new document’s filename is the same as
the title, and to have the title appear in page headers.
I use the property control “comments†for this purpose. I placed it at the
very beginning of the template, in the body. Now when I type a title in the
property control, it then appears in the headers, and when I save the
document for the first time, Word inserts the title in the filename entry box.
It works great except when I save the document for the first time the file
name gets inserted ok, but the property control reverts to empty. I have to
re-type the title. Why does this happen? Should I be using another property
control instead of “comments� I thought that was a pretty safe one to use.




Have you tried the FileName Field?
This if found under Insert, Fields. Here you have the option for format of
the result and either to include the full path as well.
Hope this helps

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