Problem with pie chart


Patrick C. Simonds

What am I missing? I want to chart the data below using a pie chart with a
legend that tells me what each of the pieces of the pie represents. I tried
selecting cells A1 and A2 and I have tried selecting cells A1:B2. All I end
up with is a legend with the 2 colors represented on the chart and on is
labeled 1 the other 2, instead of Total number of Employees trained and
Total number of Employees remaining to train.

A1 = 51 B1 = "Total number of Employees trained"
A2 = 195 B2 = "Total number of Employees remaining to train"



John Mansfield

A slightly change in your setup to look like the one below should work:

A1 = "Total number of Employees trained" B1 = 51
A2 = "Total number of Employees remaining to train" B2 = 195

Put your curser in cell A1 and start the chart wizard. In step 2 of the
wizard make sure your data range references the range A1:B2 and that the
series indicates "Series in columns".

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