Problem with network share FullTrust since IE7 install


Steve Mowbray


I setup FullTrust on a network share using caspol so I could maintain my
code on a network share and also build and run from the same place using
caspol. Since installing IE7 yesterday the network share security level has
been dropped and I cannot reinstate the FullTrust using caspol command line.

Also tried using "Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Configuration" which is in
the admin tools start menu group:

"Runtime Security Policy"->"Machine"->"Code Groups"->"All

"Add a Child Code Group"->"Create a new code group"
Name: _name_
Description: _description_
Choose the condition type for this code group: URL
URL: file://server/share/*
Use existing permission set: FullTrust

But this does not seem to be sufficient...

Any further guidance will be appreciated.




Steve Mowbray

Fixed -- extra step required after IE7 install:

"Control Panel"->"Internet Options"->"Security"

Select "Local intranet" zone from icons and click "Sites" button and uncheck
"Automatically detect intranet network" and check all other options (think
network paths is the operative one in this case for the file URL policy).

IE7 must override certain of the existing IE6 settings...


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