Problem with my Chart Template

Jul 14, 2009
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I have about a dozen templates for custom chart types created in Excel 07 (Windows XP). These "usually" work. Problem is that sometimes my chart type templates are overridden by Excel Chart Styles, which I never select. I can't tell why they sometimes work and sometimes not. I have the problem when I try to change from one of my custom templates to another, but it does not ALWAYS happen when I try to do this. The template(s) that don't work consistently are for a 2-axle configuation showing two series as vertical bars and one series as a line on a different scale. I have used these successfully hundreds of times, then all of a sudden when I switch from a 5-point line scale template to a template for the same format but with a 4-point scale, it reverts to 3 vertical bars in a format nothing like the colors, borders or labeling in my template -- it's some ugly Microsoft default style.

Anyone else have this issue?


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