Problem with mail merge in Word/Excel 2002


Wallingford House

I am trying to create and print address labels using mail merge in
Word 2002 from an Excel 2002 spreadsheet. I am having no success with
the mail merge wizard. In column A of the spreadsheet is the
recipient's name, in column B is the street address and in column C is
the city, state, ZIP. Row 1 contains column headers. In the mailing
label wizard I answer 'create labels for a mailing list' and choose
the label type, no problem. Then it asks for 'data source' and I
double click on the spreadsheet I want to use. It then asks me to
'select table' so I choose the first of two listed (not the one that
ends in $) and I click the box 'first row of data contains column
headers.' A window called "mail merge recipients" comes up, but it
doesn't use the column headers, it shows the first name, street
address and city state ZIP from row two. When I click on 'ok' a sheet
of labels appears that all say "<Next Record>" except for the first
label where the cursor is blinking. Going on to the next step "arrange
your labels" brings up options to use the "address block" but no
matter how I fill it out, I get "<Address Block>" in the first label.
What am I doing wrong?




When you view the list of tables in your workbook, the ones not ending in $
are named ranges, the ones ending in $ are worksheets. Evidently the named
range you see does not include the header row. I think you want to use the $
name to select the whole worksheet.

When you get to the step "Arrange your labels", click on "More items". That
will display a list of fields (column headers) from your worksheet which you
can insert into the first label. When the first one is done to your
satisfaction, click "Update all labels" to populate the whole page.

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