Problem with local user account on winXP




I've got 2 computers at home. 1 winXPpro+sp2 machine and 1 win2k3 machine.
These 2 computers are connected to each other via a local network. The
win2k3 machine is configured as domain controller (Active Directory).

On the win2k3 machine I've crated an Active Directory user (lets call the
user "xx"), When I login to the winXP machine using xx, and try to modify
firewall settings, I see the options on the window is disabled and I read
that I have to be a local administrator to be able change these settings...

Okay so I login again with another account which have local administrator
permissions on the winXP machine. And now I create an new account on the
winXP machine. I gave it the same name as the Active Directory user "xx"..
and made him member of Administrators...

Then I login again on my winXP machine using xx (login to the domain, not
local computer). When I now try to view the "user Accounts" in "Control
Panel" I get a message that I have not permissions to do this. The message
says also that I'm logged in as <domain name>\xx.. In this window I'm
presented with a login box where I have to type in username and password of
an account on my local winXp machine having Administrator permissions

I thought that as both users have the same name, I would be able to login on
the domain and still have local administrator permissions on local
machine... When I login on the domain I still want to be local administrator
on my machine, just in case I want to installs som software etc...

Any suggestions?

Stephen Whitlock

on the xp machine while logged in as local Administrator right click My
Computer - Manage - Local users and groups - groups.
Right click Administrators click Properties. Click Add. Make sure
Location says you domain name and then type the domain user you want to
have admin rights in the box below. Click OK twice, job done.

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