Problem with INSTSRV.EXE and Windows 2003 Server?


Trevor Holyoak

I am using the following line in a batch file as part of one of my
Installshield Developer 8 setup programs:

It has worked fine in all environments (NT and 2000) up until now. I
am doing some testing on Windows 2003 Server and have found that it
doesn't work. If I run the batch file separately, after the install,
however, it does work. The only difference is that it doesn't work
when my Installshield program calls the batch file.

I call another command-line program from within the Installshield
program that works (but does something else), so I don't think it's a
problem with the LaunchAppAndWait Installscript function.

I've seen reference to instsrv.exe and srvany.exe being included in
the Windows 2003 Resource Kit in another newsgroup posting. Are they
the same versions that we've used with NT and 2000? Could my problem
be related somehow to that?


Trevor Holyoak

Hmmm... It turns out I get the same behavior with Windows XP. It works
fine with Windows 2000, though...

Any suggestions, etc., would be greatly appreciated.


Trevor Holyoak

OK, it turns out to be a security issue. By default, Installscript
stuff doesn't have the necessary access to add a service, apparently.
By changing the "Type" field of the appropriate "Custom Action" in the
Direct Editor in Installshield to 1025, it makes it impersonate the
user, which has the necessary security access.

- Trevor
Jun 6, 2007
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Problem with Windows 2003 , INSTSRV.exe and SRVANY.exe

Facing an issue with a service (user created using INSTSRV and SRVANY.exe).
This service when created on a XP machine works properly.

But when created on 2003 server, on reboot of the server, though the status of the service in "Services" panel is "Started", it does not do its job till it is manually restarted.
In case of a XP machine, no such manual intervention is required.

Any thoughts please.

Thank you in advance for any help.


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