problem with 640x480 4bit on Mobile Intel 965 Graphics chipset family(I965GM) graphics



i have the problem with 640x480 4bit on Mobile Intel 965 Graphics
chipset family (I965GM) graphics.

driver is being installed correctly and after the first reboot or
after other device drivers installation and reboot screen mode
switches to 640x480 4bit (16colors).

trying to setup normal video mode manually or automatically via wizard
(systray notification in case of low-res) is useless at all, 640x480
4bit stays unchangable. it may look like it is able to apply 1280x800
32bit or another common mode but nothing happens after pressing apply

in case of removing original device drivers ar booting in safe mode
video mode is normally works at standard vga 1024x768 32bit.

various versions of compatible Intel Graphics drivers were tested
(2007, 2008, 2009, 2010) with no effect.

now i got the problem on Toshiba notebook, earlier there were HP/
Compaq, Asus, etc. with on-board graphic of 9-series.

in all cases Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit was used, no antivirus software
is used.

waiting for some help...

what to do?

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