Problem using Altiris for Deployment



I am using Altiris to teach a practical subject in a teaching
environment, we have Altiris installed on a Windows 2000 server which
is setup as a domain and DHCP server, client machines have recently had
PXE enabled network cards installed and are joined to the domain using
reserved addresses from the DHCP server.

I am teaching students how to gather and deploy images but at this
stage it is only possible by using a boot disk at the client PC end but
we want to be able to do scheduled imaging/deployment overnight etc.

If we have the computer turned on and try to collect an image from a
client it will bring up a message on the client "could not find a
Bootworks or PXE Stamp - disable this message in options" etc. When
clicking yes to the message the computer reboots, the message on the
server gives the appearance it is working but the PC just keeps going
in a loop of booting and no image is created.

Also have tried waking the PC's but this does not work. We are using 3
year old HP computers I have checked the BIOS but there is not an
option for waking on LAN so not sure if this requires a BIOS update but
can choose the network boot option.

Have tried disabling PXE and installed Bootworks but it comes up with
an error message at boot stage when trying to image - "network protocol
not found" and then also goes into the same loop.

Any advice would be appreciated as I am trying to teach myself and
students altiris after using Ghost for many years.

Thanks in advance




I've worked a littl with Altiris (a long time ago). It sems like you have to
install a client on the workstations to do auto deployment of apps, but I
don't know how that would happen for a new image. I seem to remember having
to enter the MAC address of the computer into Altiris, then drag the
computer into the package - or vice versa.






This is usually an incompatability issue with the native deployment
Server driver you are using for the network card. Are you using a
specific driver or the Universal Boot Works Driver? The reason the
computer keeps rebooting is becuase upon reboot the A Cleint is
constantly reciving the reboot command from the imaging job.

I taught myself Altiris (Both NS and DS) so I know what you are going


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