Problem Saving Games During Gameplay



I have successfully installed two PC games on my new Asus laptop (GeForce Go
7700 vid card and Core 2 Duo T7200 CPU), both games (Prey & Cold War) are
pre-Vista, but with a little ingenuity (e.g., updated drivers, using "Run As
Administrator" option, etc.) I have been able to get both games to run fine
except for in-game saving. My computer screen goes blank and then I have to
ctr+alt+del and then cancel and things are o.k., usually. The games save, but
sometimes the screen res goes all wacky and I have to restart. Any



Dale M. White

Though you have have Laptop and the drivers may be different. There are the
newest Nvidia drivers out and the release notes mention some issues with
Prey and resolution changes.

I played a few mintues of Prey and did a few saves and I didn't have any
issues. I also didn't have to "Run as admin" to get it to work. Though If
you're playing the on-line piece, then it makes sense to run as admin for
the Punkbuster part.

I'm guessing you're save problems is due to something around the changing of
the screen size when it switches to the save window. Might try to match the
game resolution as close to the desktop as possible. But I'd look for newer
video drivers.

I'm assuming you are also running the 1.3 patch for Prey

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