Problem saving and opening Excel files in C drive.



When i open any .xls file from Windows Explorer, it works fine. But when i
try to open the same file from Excel --> File --> Open. The document stops
responding. and the PC hangs.

When i try to save the .xls attachment from Outlook to C:. Outlook stops
responding. But when i try to save the attachment in H: it works fine.

What could be the reason?



Jacob Skaria

Few thoughts; (might help)

--If you have logged in to a domain; there must be some restriction to
access the local C: drive

--Check your disk space in C:

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Hi, Thanks for the prompt reply.

I have checked. There is enough space in C: Drive.

Everything works fine from all the other folders in C: drive.
It is the problem only with C: Data folder.

I have also checked the permissions. There is no restrictions at all.
Infact the funny thing is that I am capable of creating, modifying and
deleting files on the C: Data folder specifically.There is problem only
related to office files in this folder.

From this folder, when we try to access any Office files, it just stops
I have tried reinstalling Office, Detect and Repair to. But no go.



Dave Peterson

The problem occurs as soon as you hit the File|Open option. Not after you've
selected the file and clicked Open???

If that's true, then maybe you have a network drive mapped that excel is trying
to access when the Open dialog appears.

I'd try disconnecting all those mapped drives (using windows explorer--and keep
nice notes!). Then test this in excel.

If it works, maybe you could add each drive back and test to see if that's the
drive that causes the trouble.

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