Problem in StretchDiBits with SetWorldTansform.




I am doing SetWorldTransform in a printer DC to rotate the data by 90 degree
and scale it by half. But I see that StretchDiBits is unable to put any data
on DC even though it returns the correct number of scan lines. My DC width,
height is 4500,6000. If i dont do the rotation but keep the scaling then it
works. Also if i divide the image in smaller parts then StretchDuBits works
again. Do anyone have any idea why i have to divide the image while rotating?
I am already doing SetGraphicsMode(GM_ADVANCED) prior to StretchDiBits().

Thanks a lot.


Hi Chuck,

Can you please explain what kind of buffer overrun. Do StretchDiBits
have some internal buffer to perform SetWorldTransform.
How can i calculate no. of scan lines to which would not create
problem. My source bitmap height width is 1,2250 and destination
width, height is 6000, 2250. If i draw divide the source image in 1380
scan lines then problem dont come but after that there is loss of


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