problem importing text into excel 2007




I have data files (1 per day) that are downloaded from a vendor site. The
files come accross with a WR1 extention. I beleive this is a Lotus Syphony

The data length of each row is about 480 characters in the WR1 file.

When i import the data into excel is truncating the data at 255
characters. I thought that cap on cell length was eliminated in 2007.

So I tried opening the file using MS Word. the full row was shown. I
copied and pasted the data from Word into excel and the full row with 480
characters shows up in the first cell.

That is the result i am looking for, but would love to have it happen in
just one step. I do not want to have to open in word and transfer to excel.

Once the data is in the single cell in Excel, i can easily parse the data
according to the record layout.

So any idea why i cant import the text or open the text file in Excel 2007
without truncating the data?

Many thanks for your suggestions.




How is the File format in Excel setup? When you open a new file or save a
file , we now have mult options and it appears you have it set as an older
version? Do file save/as .xlsm or .xlsx and not one of the older ones.

fyi - I like PivotMan name




Hi Don and thanks for responding. When I opened up the file and did a save
as, iit was oepning up as a text tab delimited file. I changed it to excel
workbook and amazingly the missing characters reappeared.

Any ideas on how to have this converted automatically?

Meaning, i get these files every day and it would be nice not to have to go
through the 2 step process. Open, Save as.

Thanks simple, yet so complex!

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