problem getting "detect and repair" to work in Excel 2003



(I am using Windows XP.) After I chose detect and repair, I was told to put
in my MS Office, Small Business Edition 2003 disc. After I did that, I got
"Error 1311.Source file not found D:\ZF561407.CAB
Verify that the file exists and that you can access it."

I did search for that file and did not find it.

I have tried this more than once and gotten the same results every time.

I looked on-line under the specific error, and did not find anything that I
understood about how to fix this prolem.

I hope that someone can give me understandable directions as to how to fix
this problem. Thank you.


CmK - Thanks a lot. I did go to the HarryThompson website. I finally wound
up doing what he suggested - copying my MS Office CD to the desktop and
adding the ZF561407.CAB file to it and burning a new cd.
However, now I'm just on a circuitous (sp?) path - choose detect and repair;
wait while windows configures MS Office SMall Bus Edition 2003' says "setup
completed successfully," and when I try "detect and repair," I go through the
same process again.
I didn't see anything that I understood from the 2nd website you sent. I
read it and it discussed a lot of things, but I didn't see anything
specifically related to "detect and repair."
If you have any other suggestions, I'd appreciate them.
Thanks for solving the problem I wrote about. (I've now spent the better
part of two days trying to figure this out.)


Went to web site. however, do not have cd- program was downloaded from
microsoft website. how do I fix?

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