Problem creating export spec - "too few parameters"



Hello All

I need to create an export specification for use in a TranserText macro
action. I initially did this by opening a query in datasheet view, then
doing File>Export, then clicking the Save All button: this then bring up the
Export Text wizard screen, where I can click the Advanced button to show the
Export Specification edit/save screen. This seemed to work fine, until I
came to use the saved Export Specification in the macro, when I got a
message that "the data being exported does not match the format described in
the scheme.ini file". Guessing that this may be because I had used a
different query to create the export specification from the query that I was
using in the TransferText action, I tried to create a new export
specification in the same way as above, but based on the query in the
TransferText action: but then, on clicking the Save All button, I got the
message "Too few parameters- expected 2"!!

I have since tried doing File>Export and then clicking the Save All button
with various queries, and sometimes it's fine and I get the Export Text
wizard screen, and sometimes I get the "Too few parameters- expected 2"
message - and I cannot identify what it is that separates the two groups of
queries:what is it?

Also, was I right to assume the initial macro action failed because the
export specification was not based on the same query as the one in the

Hope someone can help.
Many thanks
Leslie Isaacs

Roger Carlson

I can't tell what's going on from your description, but on my website is a
small sample database called "TooFewParameters.mdb"
( which
explains why you get this error in different situations and how to fix it.
Perhaps that will give you an idea.

Hope that helps.

--Roger Carlson
MS Access MVP
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