Problem Converting Excel SPreadsheet to PDF Format



I have just changed my Adobe from V5 to V6 and ever since the change I am not
able to convert my Excel spreadsheets to PDF using Add-ins feature, it gives
me an error as follows:

Compile Error in Hidden Module : DistMon.

The above erroe appears in a box named Microsoft Visual Basic.

There is also another message window which reada Adobe PDF Maker and message
is Pre-Processing active worksheet.

Please advise how to get rid of this problem

Thank you.



garfield-n-odie [MVP]

You are more likely to find an answer to your Adobe Acrobat problem if
you look on the Adobe Acrobat website. The current version of Acrobat
is 8.1, so it's nice to see you keep up with the times.

As a guess, you might have the wrong version of pdfmaker.xla in your
XLStart folder. Close Excel, delete pdfmaker.xla from your XLStart
folder, and copy pdfmaker.xla from your Acrobat 6 folder to your XLStart

As another guess, if you are using Symantec/Norton AntiVirus, try
disabling the Office Plugin that comes with it (but don't disable Norton
AutoProtect). See "How to use
Office programs with the Norton AntiVirus Office plug-in" for more

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