problem communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control



Just wondering what's wrong with my database. I'm trying to add an Event
Procedure to the On Not In List event of a combo box. I've used this code in
other databases and it works just fine but not in this one.

I've even tried using other NIL event code but still no luck, and I'm not
having any luck testing the code with breakpoints as the error fires before
the breakpoint is even triggered (????)

If anyone is familiar with the nature of this error and knows what I can to
to make my (verified working) code fire please let me know. Any suggestions

Thanks in advance,

Scott A
Nov 15, 2016
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I have this problem with MS Access
The expression on click you entered as the event properly setting produced the following error: A problem occurred while Microsoft Access was communicating with OLE server or Active Control.
please I need help

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