Probl. Capture with Radeon 9600 PRO AIW




I have a ATI Radeon 9600 PRO AIW. I'm trying to capture some videos
using the "TV" application that comes with Multimedia Center. Before,
I upgraded to all the latest graphic driver possible for Catalyst,
MMC, Capture Driver, etc

When I listen to my videos with the "TV" app, everything is fine..
video and audio are ok. The problem comes when I'm recording... it
creates the file with the correct format (usually Good or DVD), but
i'm always getting a ?!?!*! GREEN LINE at the bottom of the recorded
file.. I don't understand why when I use "TV" playback, everything is
fine ?!?!

ATI doesn't seem to have that issue in their KB.

My setup :

- ATI 9600 PRO All-in-wonder 128 megs
- Multimedia Center 8.7
- ATI Catalyst 3.9

Any idea ?


BAO, catalyst, ati, 9600, aiw


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