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Hi guys,

I've a problem here. I have 2 email accounts set up my Outlook 2003 but
whenver we print the page has a "header" with the Default Account Name
(example "Joe"). Is there a way to set it up so if you print from the
different email accounts that the name of the particular user would appear at
the top instead of 1 name appearing on all?

eg: Printing "lucytheboss" email.

From: xxxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxx
To: xxxx
Subject: xxxx

And now "daphne" wants to print her email


From: xxxxxxx
Sent: xxxxxx
To: xxxx
Subject: xxxx

Question: how do I change the top line from "lucytheboss" to "daphne". I've
tried changing the header but to no avail.

Please enlighten me. Many thanks in advance! =)


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