Printing labels from Access



I'm trying to print labels on an A4 sheet from Access but I seem to be going
round in circles. The labels are 3 across by 7 down with no margins or gaps
in between. I enter the correct dimensions in the label wizard but Access
doesn't seem to like the fact that there are no margins. It seems to want to
put gaps between the rows so that I only end up with 6 rows at the wrong
spacing. I just can't figure out what is going on. I think Access wont let
me define labels that physically exceed the printable area of the current
printer but I'm not sure. Can anyone enlighten me?



Van T. Dinh

I think the printable area is defined by the printer and not Access. For
example, with bottom-feed inkjet printer, the bottom 1/4" is usually not
printable as the printer needs to this margin to "hold" the paper in place
for printing.

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