Printing from a DOS Window



I have some programs that run in a DOS (cmd) window. The programs print to
LPT1: Is there a way to direct LPT1: to a network printer? Set an
environment variable? I could change the programs to print toa file;
however, I would really rather print directly to the networked printer. Is
there a way to print to a networked printer from a DOS window?
Bob W.


Thank you. Your reply was much more pleasant to read than David's rant.
David needs to take some time off.

Your suggestion was exactly what worked. net use /? gives all of the options.

Bob W.

David Candy

dos network printing
in Help while online.

You coud have had the answer 18 minutes. So you selfish prick why did you ask here if you didn't want the answer.

Did you masterbate while gigling about how you were making me waste time taking terms from your post and seeing if it was reasonable terms to get the answer via help.

So why did you waste my time. Will you please reimburse me for my efforts as at no stage did you want any help so you defrauded me. I loathe typing in help. But I did it for you and you response is TWO delibrate snubs. NOT an apology for the first but a second snub.


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