Printing comments



In Word 2003 there was a setting that printed all comments in a document at
the end of the document. I have not been able to figure out how to make that
happen in Word 2007. Is there an alternative to printing the comments in

garfield-n-odie [MVP]

You do it pretty much the same way in Word 2007 as you do in Word
2003, except that there is no File | Print menu in Word 2007, so
you start with the Ctrl+P shortcut instead.

Stefan Blom

Also, in Word 2007 what you get is a list of all markup rather than just the

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

Sarah Welles

I have Word 2003 and I am trying to print the comments at the end of the
document rather than in the right-hand margin. It sounds like you were able
to do this in 2003. Please - How????

Sarah Welles

Please help. I have Word 2003 and would like to print the comments at the
end of the document. How did you do that?

Stefan Blom

I'm afraid you can't print just the comments in Word 2003 either. What you
can do is print a "List of markup": On the File menu, click Print. At "Print
what," choose "List of markup" and click OK.

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