Printing business cards with a picture as a background



I'm trying to print business cards that have a black picture in the background

If I choose background and then select the picture, I see it when I'm
working on it but when I print preview, I see just a white background.

I've printed and I see the same thing. Just the white background. My text
is in white so without that black background nothing gets printed but the
logo which is in blue and black.

I selected each cell of the business card and changed it to the black
background individually and it worked but I want the backrgound to bleed from
edge to egde. This left a very large white border. I didn't want a border I
wanted endless color from edge to egde. any suggestions?

I'm printing on a very good color laser that can handle the print quality I

Not sure why Word allows me to select background images but doesn't print





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