Printing an arc in Word 2007 with Equation Editor



Hi all, I am having trouble printing a Word 2007 doc that has equations
created using the new Equation Editor. Equations with an arc over numbers
appear ok on screen and in Print Preview, but when I print the document, the
arcs are missing.

Is there a setting I can change so these print?


Herb Tyson [MVP]

A problem like that would usually mean there's a problem with the printer
driver. If you save the file as a .pdf, do the arcs show up in the .pdf? If
so... do they print okay when printing from the .pdf rather than from Word?

Note: if you haven't installed the free .pdf converter from Microsoft for
Office 2007, it's available here:

Once installed, you create a .pdf using Office - Save As.


Thanks for the reply. I tried that after posting my original question. The
arcs show up in the PDF both on screen and when printed.

Funny thing is, as I scan the document, there are arcs on other pages that
appear fine when printed. I have about a dozen, on different pages in the
document, that appear on screen and in print preview, but not when printed. I
even tried copying and pasting one of the ones that prints ok and used it to
replace one that is not working. That too, did not print. Is there something
else going on with a particular section of the document that would cause
this? Really strange.

If I use the old equation editor under Insert tab-Objects they all print ok.
Just when I create a new arc using the new EE.

Any other insight would be helpful.

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