Printing a booklet as part of a book



I have created a 240-page book in MS Office Word 2007. I want to print out
one copy on my LexMark645 printer (as a gift).

To do this, I need to divide my book into 10 or so "booklets", to be bound
together. In other words, each booklet needs to have booklet pagination, both
sides. The sheets are standard 8.5 x 11. Printed in landscape orientation,
each sheet will have two of my pages facing one another, and two more on the
reverse side. Standard stuff.

All my pages, headers and all, look fine on Word, but LexMark has its own
settings (including booklet settings) and I can't seem to figure out what
combination will work; I think one is fighting the other. Do I create
half-width "free standing" pages in Word, or use the two-pages-per-sheet
setting, or bookfold, or mirror, or WHAT?

I think I can figure out "why this setting is necessary" if I START OUT with
the right settings given to me very precisely. But I have trouble starting
from the other end, with a lot of context and general explanation, as one
usually finds in manuals.

It doesn't seem that for something this basic, I would need special macros
or templates.

I also need to know how to select and limit the book segments that I want to
booklet-ize. Can I do it by highlighting?--inserting section breaks
interferes with my Header commands.

Thanks, Esardi



Suzanne S. Barnhill

You use the "Book fold" feature in Word and specify the number of pages per


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