Printing > 1 GB files



We are trying to output a 1.19 GB file (already RIPed and
in raw format) to an EPSON 9600 large format inkjet
printer from a EPSON 2000 Advanced server.

We do not use the EPSON driver since the physical size of
the output is 41" x 97" which is too big for the epson

we use the epson driver sfw. to create a port and since we
create the output file, we can avoid the epson driver and
its restrictions.

when we RIP the file we get a 370 MB file and it prints
fine, but we need better resolution, so we RIP it at 720
dpi and we get a 1.19 GB output file.

When we print the file to the EPSON (using spool data for
faster printing in the printer properties) the file just
stops printing at 40 MB of the 1.19 GB

the epson people say it is a limitation of windows 2000
and the only way is to output with a Windows 98 machine.

can anyone confirm this?
is there a way to work around this limitation of file size
in win 2000?

please feel free to contact me via email
(e-mail address removed)

thank you in advance

Tony Edgecombe

I'm sure I have spooled files bigger than 40 MB in the past, anyway you
might want to try sending it from the command line using the lpr command.
Just type:

lpr -S printer-ip-address -P PASSTHRU

This assumes it is network attached.

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