printer spool service not running



this has happened to me 2-3 times in windows xp pro sp2. well all of a sudden
one day i try to print from any application i find an error message that
printer spooler service is not running. i go and see services and find
printer spool service is disable or not running i go and start it and check
it in process list in task manager it is there for few seconds and than gone
again. all this time when i try to go to control panel and find about the
printer status. there is no printer over there. i checked dependencies in
services and seen RCP it is working there. i un installed all hp printer
driver from control panel and also physically from windows directory and also
program files. i do reinstall it. but the problem remains same. printer is
not installed. the reason i find is that there are no printers listed in
printers and faxes. i lookout for the status of printer spool file
spoolsv.exe in process manager it is not there so i go and check services
over there it is disabled. i try to restore the spoolsv.exe files from
msconfig, expand file no changes. problem is still same. no printer in
printer faxes with spool services dsabled or stopped.


I have the same issue. No matter what i do, I still receive the message that
the print spooler service is not working.

Cari \(MS-MVP\)

First thing to do is always uninstall and reinstall the printer. The
printer spooler stopping is nearly always due to corrupted drivers.


thank you cari for your reply.
please read my post again, i have mentioned in that in middle that i have
uninstalled all the drivers from printers and faxes in control panel and also
from add remove programme. besides that i went for search for files started
with hp*.* and deleted them. i also deleted hp folders from program files. i
went to the system32 , spool folder and deleted the drivers cache and files
from there too.
still problem persists
regazrds subodh agrawal

Alan Morris [MSFT]

Most likely something is still loading in the spooler process that is
corrupting memory. If there is a dr watson dump file you could attach ntsd
to it and dump the stack

find the .dmp file and execute at a command prompt

ntsd -z filename

k will dump the failure

Or attach ntsd to the spooler and catch it when it fails.

The next step will be to attach ntsd (a debugger) to the spoolsv.exe process
and send the stack backtrace

Open taskmanager, Processes, View, Select Column, check PID

start the spooler, find spoolsv.exe in the list of processes, note the PID

in a command window type

ntsd -p (PID of spoolsv.exe) -g -G -x

this will display a bunch of loaded module information

now go to add a printer from the printers folder

when the process terminates, the ntsd session will stop at a prompt with
some numbers (this is the faulting thread number)

type k

this will dump the stack backtrace

just copy and add that to the mail

0:001> k
ChildEBP RetAddr
WARNING: Stack unwind information not available. Following frames may be
00abfff4 00000000 ntdll!DbgBreakPoint

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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