Printer Settings keep changing



I have a network printer connected to the primary server
at my office. It is mapped to the Server via TCP/IP
Port. This printer is shared by about 10 people. Most
of the applications that we use are connected to via
We have been having a problem where when we attempt to
print it gets errors when spooling. I turned off Print
spooling on the Server and told it to print directly to
the printer. For some reason the settings get changed
randomly so that it is set to spool again. I connect to
the server and change it back, and we can print fine for
a while but the settings continuw to change.
Any help on what could be causing this to revert back to
spooling is greatly appreciated!!!

Paul Baker [MVP, Windows - SDK]

See if you can eliminate Citrix from the mix when testing, thast just
complicates things.

What version(s) of Windows is/are on the clients? Are the printers installed
on the clients local printers with TCP/IP ports or network printers pointing
to a share on a server? If there is a server, what version if Windows is on
the server?

What is the problem that occurs if you turn spooling on? When turning it
off, all that does is tell it to bypass the spool file and write directly to
the port. In most cases, this achieves nothing but making the application
have to wait longer before it is done printing, not a good idea.

What are you normally doing to turn off print spooling? Are you just using
the radio buttons in the Advanced page of the printer properties dialog? On
the client or the server?

Is it possible that anyone is changing this setting without your knowledge?
Any changes made on any client will affect all clients if it is a network
printer as I suspect.


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