Printer problem when OPENING reports



Access 2002.

Opening a database from another user's machine, and when trying to open up a
report, a dlg comes up saying that the printer doesn't exist.

The printer it lists, is the one that I was hooked up to on my machine when
I last printed the report.

The person has his own printer, why wouldn't it just print to that printer.
I don't have any code or settings that I know of that have made the report do

That seems like me sending a word doc, and when you open it up, it says MY
printer is not available. Of course not, you'd be printing it on YOUR

Any help is apreciated. I've had this problem off and on over mutliple
versions and am finally asking the question. Usually, all you have to do it
click the report twice and the second time it doesn't give the error.

Douglas J. Steele

When you create a report, you have the option of saying "always use the
default printer" or "always use this specific printer". It's on the Page tab
when you select Page Setup under the File menu while the report is open in
Design view.

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