printer cartridge REFILL




i would like to refill HP PSC 1210 printer cartridge.
on ebay i see that they sell cratrdige hole maker, so as to make a
hole to insert the ink injecting needle. but if u remove the sticker
put on the cartridge, i see 3 holes already present. i also can see
some sponge like stuff within. so can i use those holes to refill the



Steve B

Yes. That's what I've been doing for quite a while on HP #56 #57 and #58
cartridges. Tips:-
1. Fill very slowly with the needle nearly fully inserted.
2. Cover up the holes you're not using with tape temporarily to stop cross
contamination if the refill ink overflows, withdraw 0.25cc when full to the
3. Dab the head gently on tissue throughout to keep ink flowing.
4. Let the cartridge have a chance to 'rest' after filling and refitting into
the printer before doing any printing, at least a few hours. Internal pressures
have to equalise for the cartridge to work properly. In my experience if you
print too soon then colours can go completely out on all jets and it can be
difficult to recover from.
5. Due to 4 above, it's best not to reset the ink status level to 100%
immediately after printing as it uses a fair bit of ink with cleaning cycles and
recalibration, so I always reset before refilling now.

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