print black and white instead of grayscale



Is there a (portable) way to achieve that, whenever one prints a
certain document on a black-and-white printer all text comes out as
black text on white background (not grayscale; images may remain/
become grayscale) but when printed on a colour printer, the normal
colours are to be used?

While we're at it, is it possible to ensure that certain graphics are
changed depending on whether a colour or a bw printer is used? I.e., I
have a certain coloured graphic that comes out somewhat less than
optimal when printed in grayscale, but changing the colours to avoid
the grayscale effects maks the colours ugly.

This all should not only work in-house, but to as great an extent as
possible also when the document is shipped.
I could think of a macro that solves my first question when manually
invoked, but not automatically when someone hits File-Print...

Thanks in advance,

Suzanne S. Barnhill

There is a Compatibility option to "Print colors as black on noncolor
printers," but I've never been sure how accurately Word can distinguish
color from noncolor.

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