Preserving Hyperlinks When Combining Presentations



I have two presentations that I'm trying to combine into one single
presentation. Each presentation contains multiple hyperlinks pointing to
other slides within the same presentation. When I combine these two
presentations, either by copy/paste or using the "reuse slides" command, the
hyperlinks for the presentation being added all break. They still function,
but they no longer point to their original target. Basically this adds up to
alot of wasted time as I retarget all the hyperlinks.

Is there a way to merge two presentations and to have each of them maintain
their hyperlinks?

John Wilson

Internal links depend largely on SlideID and since these will almost
certainly change when you combine .... I guess its sure to fail. As Steve
says linking the presentations could be the only option.


Is there a way to update the SlideID or title itself after copying to a
different ppt file, so the internal links will direct to the correct
locations without actually updating each and every link?

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