PPT used for Jepordy(tm) Game



I have recently found that I can use PPT to create a Jepardy(tm) game for my

The first slide is the basic game board, and there are links to a series of
slides in the presentation. The bottom of each slide has a point back to the
main slide, so it looks like a real Jepordy(tm) game, well sort of...

I really like this and my students like the game. There is a problem though
that I can't figure out. When we choose a question, PPT routes to the right
slide via the link. The players sees the question and then answers. They
press the the arrow at the bottom and they go back to the main page.

Here's the problem. Because it is a link, the color of the text in the
question box changes from one color, to the color of a used link... I would
like it to return to the main page and become the same color as the
background, which would blank out the box, and they would only see the
questions that are remaining.

One other minor problem, when I test the game, the main board changes color
as I click on the questions. The only way I've found to "reset" the board so
it is all the same is to fiddle <techie term> with the font and size until
PPT finally makes it all the same.

Is there a way to:

1. Reset the first slide to the same text color?
2. "Blank" out the box that had the $ amount in it so the student see only
the remaining questions?

Very cool use of the tool. Very helpful for the teacher. Now if I can just
get past this...


Troy @ TLC

Do a google search for "jepardy powerpoint" and you will find many full
function powerpoint versions of the game, of which you can either choose to
use or pull apart to figure out various ways to accomplish needed elements.

David M. Marcovitz

As others have said, there are lots of pre-made Jeopardy games out there
so you might use one of those. But to answer your first question, I think
that your best bet is going to be to change the color scheme. You can set
the color of the visited hyperlink to anything you want, including the
same color as the background. Other options include using animation
triggers to make shapes go away (with an exit animation) when clicked.
Finally, you can use VBA to do a lot of this stuff as well.

As for your second question, I'm not sure what you mean that the main
board changes color. Perhaps, you are clicking on buttons that have a
highlight effect.


David M. Marcovitz
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Director of Graduate Programs in Educational Technology
Loyola College in Maryland
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_


Opppsss.... The Notepad document went off the screen and I didn't see the
important note on the macro security. I re-read the documentation,
formatting it, and there it was...the answer. All is well. thanks!!!!

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