Powerpoint to swf


Heather Dykes

I need to post a powerpoint presentation to my web site,
but would prefer to convert it to a flash movie because
the ppt file is too large. All 3rd-party conversion tools
I've found remove the animations and slide transitions.

Does anyone have a good solution to my problem. Thanks in



TAJ Simmons


I'm not sure if this is what you are after....but this tutorial is about
converting your powerpoint presentation to a video file.
Half way through the tutorial we convert the presentation to a .swf file. It
retains all the transitions....but you lose the ability to navigate through
the presentation...e.g. you cannot press a key to move the next slide. It
justs runs on a timed basis.

Anyway...if that sounds like what you are after...have a look

Just another thought....have you thought about doing a "file>save as html"
from powerpoint. Then post the html files on to your website.

TAJ Simmons
microsoft powerpoint mvp

awesome - powerpoint backgrounds,
free sample templates, tutorials, hints and tips etc

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