Powerpoint Presentation to TV over Network...



Hello all...I have been asked to see how we could get a powerpoint
presentation to play on a flat screen TV over our network.

Here is the scenario.

The TV would be located in our lobby, downstairs from our offices.
There is not an area near the TV that we could put a PC to run to this
TV. I looked at some RF devices that would likely work, however, there
is a distance issue, as well as other possible issues, (Multiple Walls,
wires, steel etc.. that may block the RF signal)

The request is to have a PC in our graphic designers office that holds
the powerpoint presentation, and then send that over our network to the

Any takers on this???

Austin Myers

There are three possible choices.

1. You install a device (PC) that handles ethernet networking and can
convert it to a TV signal. (May as well just run the presentation there.)

2. You go with a wireless system.

3. You go with a video convertor at the PC (TV out) and then boost the TV
signal as needed to get the range. (Nothing cheap about doing this.)

A bit of free advice (free advice is worth what you paid for it), if you
have not done so, hook a TV to your PC BEFORE you go to this expence and
test your presentation on it. Many people find that TV displays of PPT are
of a quality that prohibits thier use. (A TV roughly equates to the old CGA
video of years gone by when it comes to resolution and color balance.)

Austin Myers
MS PowerPoint MVP Team

PowerPoint Video and PowerPoint Sound Solutions www.pfcmedia.com

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