PowerPoint Movie Error Code 0x80040E23



I recently began using Windows Movie Maker (came loaded with Vista on a Dell
computer purchased in April of 2009). Today, I took a video clip and edited
it down to use in a PowerPoint. I "published" it to "this computer." It was
saved as a wmv file.

When I attempted to drop it into PowerPoint, it would not play. I tried
putting it in through "insert" (movie and sounds) and also by pulling it in
as a media clip. When trying to pull it in as a media clip, an error box
came up with the message "Clip Organizer cannot complete the operation.
Error code 0x80040E23.

Finally, the entire movie (pre-edited) could be successfully dropped into
PowerPoint and would play. This leads me to believe that there is a problem
with formatting the edited movie so it can be viewed in PowerPoint.


John Wilson

If its a wmv from movie maker it's more likely that he problem is the length
of the path to the file

Delete the video from PowerPoint
Put the video in the same folder as the presentation and re insert. Does
that work

If you want to re encode the video this might help but I doubt this is the


That did the trick John. It was the length of the file path. I had the
PowerPoint, and video clip, buried in a folder within a bunch of other
folders (multiple levels).

Thank you for your help.

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