powerpoint animations from ppt to the presentation



PPT 2007---I am using a "swish" animation in my powerpoint with the letters
falling in time to the music. When I "publish" it to a CD and move to a
folder it removes this animation from the slide; the text has no animation.
How can I get this to carry over to the presentation. I believe it has
something to with compatibility to 97-03, but even with 2007 viewer it does
not play the animation.



Lucy Thomson


Have you used any of the new effects on the text? If so, when saving as
97-2003 it will convert the text to an image and lose the animation on the
way. But, you cry, I'm not back-saving! Unfortunately, PowerPoint is doing
that for you if you include the Viewer when you publish to CD (well, that
probably isn't technically true but the effect is the same). This is because
despite it being called the 2007 Viewer, the 2007 Viewer is basically just
the 2003 Viewer and the compatibility pack so it can open '07 files (a few
other changes were made I believe but nothing major). To avoid the problem:
1. Do not include the Viewer: while in the publish -> package for cd
dialogue, click 'options' and select 'archive package'. This will save the
..pptx/.ppsx to the cd without back-saving. But recipients will need to have
full '07 on their systems to get the full, animated presentation to work.
2. Animate the letters individually: put each letter in its own text box and
animate them.
3. Distribute in a different format such as a movie or flash file:
http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00112.htm http://www.pptfaq.com/FAQ00147.htm

Hmmm, I've just done some testing and in the '07 Viewer I still get some
animation (the whole word comes in at once) - can you confirm that it
doesn't animate *at all*?


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