Power Options works intermittently



Power Options used to work acceptably well on my Gateway desktop. Now it will
not automatically put my system into hibernation.
I have disabled the Fax from waking the system when a call comes in.
Hibernation is enabled.
I have the Power Options set to hibernate the system after 2 hours. I use my
wireless notebook in the evenings and need to have the desktop on then. I am
somewhat handicapped and getting upstairs to turn the computer off is
difficult. I was using the Power Options to conserve energy. Now, when I come
upstairs in the morning, the monitor is off, but the drives are running and
the system is not in standby or hibernation mode. The Power Options are set
to turn the monitor off after 15 minutes, the drives off after 30 min and
hibernate after 2 hours.
Standby has never worked properly.
I've searched the Windows XP help and how-tos. No answer.
Anybody have any idea what's going on?

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