Power Options won't stick on Windows 2000



I have a problem with the "Turn off monitor:" setting in the Power Options
Properties Window not sticking.

In the Power Options Properties, I have "Turn off monitor:" set to "After 10

It will work as it is supposed to for a while, after ten minutes without
keyboard or mouse activity, the monitor will turn off, and the screen will
go blank.

After a little keyboard or mouse action, and a pause to warm up it will
light up and start working again.

Then it will just stop working. No matter how long it sits without keyboard
or mouse activity, the monitor will not turn off, and the screen will not go
blank. "Turn off monitor:" has apparently been set to "never".

Then I go to the Power Options Properties and "Turn off monitor:" is still
set to "After 10 mins".

I change "Turn off monitor:" from "After 10 mins" to some other setting such
as "After 15 mins" which activates the "Apply" button (changes it from gray
to black), then I set it back to "After 10 mins" and click the "Apply"

Then "Turn off monitor:" will work again for days or weeks before it stops
working again.

What is going on here? The settings are correct in the Power Options
Properties, but it stops turning off my monitor.

Is there some other place that the system is really checking for the "Turn
off monitor:" setting besides Power Options Properties?

Is some event resetting the "Turn off monitor:" setting to "never" in some
other place without changing it in the Power Options Properties?

Has anybody seen this on another system?



DL said:
Sometimes a bios update helps

I have updated my BIOS recently to the latest version (not in connection
with this problem), but I'm pretty sure that this is a Windows 2000 Power
Options Properties issue.


John John said:
Get the latest drivers for your video adapter and see if it helps.

I have integrated graphics on my motherboard which is identified by
AIDA32 as "NVidia Riva TNT2 Model 64"

I went to the nvidia site and found "RIVA TNT2 Model 64/Model 64 Pro"
is supported.

I clicked on "Download Drivers" and went to the "Driver Page"

I selected Graphics Driver->GeForce and TNT2->Windows XP/2000
and clicked on Go, and went to a download page that displayed the

Windows XP/2000 32-bit

ForceWare Release 80
Version: 84.21
Release Date: March 17, 2006
WHQL Certified*

My question is Do all the GeForce and TNT2 chip sets and cards for both
Windows XP and Windows 2000 really take the same driver? Did I miss a
step somewhere?

I'm a little scared to load it without some assurance. I still have the
drivers on the CD that came with the motherboard, so I suppose that if worst
came to worst, I could restart and select Last Known Good Configuration, or
restart in Safe Mode and reinstall the old drivers, but I'd rather get it
right to
start with.

I'd really hate to end up re-installing Windows 2000 - again.


John John

I wouldn't install that on my Windows installation. Not that it might
be the wrong driver or not but don't take chances. The proper drivers
for your on board video would most likely be on the CD or diskettes that
contain the drivers for your motherboard, they would have come with the
computer or with the motherboard. Get the drivers from your motherboard
or computer manufacturer instead.


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