position of chart on page moves when outline expands


Harold Good


I have two charts I have made to the right of a budget table. The top
chart is positioned near the top of the page, the second, a smaller
summary chart is just under the first one.

Problem is, the Budget table is an expandable outline that can expand by
dozens of rows. When in expanded mode, the second chart moves way down
off the visible page and is only viewable by scrolling, unless I
collapse the outline again.

The first chart is anchored at the top where little expansion takes
place, thus little movement.

Is there any way I can prevent this second chart from moving down when
budget is expanded?

Can I anchor the second chart to the bottom of the first one, or somehow
use VBA to offset 3 inches from the cell where the first one is anchored?

I'm not good with VBA, so any help with code would be greatly
appreciated, also with info where I put the code.

Thank you in advance for your creative ideas.



Luke M

You could try grouping the charts (Select first chart, hold Ctrl while
clicking on 2nd chart, then right-click, group). Then, you can position the
entire object as desired, and it should anchor using the top-left corner
(which doesn't move very much).

Another idea is to double click on the 2nd chart, and Under Format Chart
Area, Properties, select "don't move or size with cells".



Harold Good

Thanks, such an easy solution. The Grouping worked perfectly! But I
needed them to be able to Move with Cells, since I forgot that sometimes
columns get hidden depending how many years the budget covers, so I need
the charts to shift left when there are hidden cells.

So Grouping together locks them vertically, then clicking the Move but
don't size with Cells property is the perfect combination for my needs.

Many thanks,

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