Pop-Up Messenger Service


Kelly Lew

How do I stop messages that pop up on my laptop (windows
xp professional) that occur no matter where i am or what
I'm doing??? Check out www.fightpopups.com to see what I
mean. I'd rather not have to buy a software program to
deter these messages, there must be a way to stop these
stupid pop up messenger service ads.

Please reply to (e-mail address removed)


Bad idea. This leaves your ports wide open. It's only covering up a
security warning.

Check out http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com for amazing tweaks and fixes

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5 Steps to computer safety:
1) Use a good quality anti-virus, and keep it up-to-date.
2) Use a firewall. The one in XP works fine, but there are better ones out
3) Keep Windows up-to-date. It's your choice whether or not you want the
recommended updates, but the critical updates are just that - critical.
4) Beware of adware and spyware. There are many programs that will help to
protect your computer, but it's up to you to prevent it as well. Make sure
you read the agreement of the software before you install it. It should
tell you if it will be installing any additional programs.
5) Be cautious of attachments. Microsoft NEVER sends out attachments via
email. Always scan all attachments before opening them.

Email address is fake to prevent SPAM.
Real email address is pcyr2000 AT hotmail DOT com
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