Point me in the right direction



I have a workbook with two worksheets. One worksheet contains
Supervisor information for vacation scheduling for his/her group
The other sheet contains a list of all employees for the shop.
There are 7 Supervisors with about 20 employees each. I use
a data validation to a list to change the supervisor name on the
sheet and and I want to be able to draw only his employees
from the second worksheet and show their names in a range of
cells on the first worksheet. Can someone point me in the right
direction as to how I can accomplish this? I'm not even sure
what to put in the search criteria to find any information on this.




ok lets see if i have this right. If you select the supervisors name you want
to see only their direct reports information which is stored on the second
sheet? If thats right we have about a hundred options to accompish this. I
would be happy to help.


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