Display Employees based on Login



I have a spreadsheet that is an employee performance report card.

What I need is that if a particular supervisor opens the sheet, he would
only be able to view his direct reports statistics since viewing other
employee data is confidential.

I have a cell on the report card that Identifies the Manager when the
employee is selected. So if we can set up a security parameter that requires
a log on in the initial opening of the worksheet (or based on the Novell
Login of the machine) and then if that log on matches the name on cell B12
then display results for the employee selected.

Not sure how to move on from this point... But I am open to all
suggestions! Thanks in advance for your time!



Jim Thomlinson

you can get teh login name using


That being said XL in not avery secure environment and anything you can
come up with can be hacked...

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