PNY 5700 Ultra making noise



Just recently purchased a PNY GeForceFX 5700LE Optima AGP card. 2 days
into it the heat sink starts making a noise like a ball bearing is
about to give me trouble. Computer sounds like a lawnmower now
(compared to the 6 other fans in there). So I do an RMA and return it,
get a new one... same thing. So instead of spending a fortune getting
cards that make noise like this I need to figure out a couple of

Firstly, can I just unplug the fan and make it a passive heat sink?
I've heard that the 5700 Ultras make a lot of heat though and it might
not be a good idea, but I am using a Thermaltake Xaser V Damier case
shown here,

This case has two huge fans blowing air straight into the CPU's
heatsink and above and below the AGP card itself. It's pretty cold in
there. And the heatsink on the card looks like it's copper. Not sure

Secondly, if simply making it a passive heatsink like this won't fly,
then could anyone recommend a good passive heatsink for it, or tell me
if replacing the fan itself would be a fairly simple ordeal?

It almost seems like they sent me the same card I sent them for it to
be making noise just like the first one. If it wasn't shrink wrapped
just like a new card I'd be pretty sure it was.
Thanks in advance for any advice on this matter.




I recently purchased a PNY 5700 Personal Cinema card and the fan on that
thing is real loud as well. I'm starting to look into ways I can reduce it
or turn it off (without hurting the card).

I have an Antec case that is real quiet until that fan kicks in.

I was going to RMA it until I saw this post :p. If anyone has any tips on
quieting these cards down I'd like to know as well. Thanks in advance.

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