DeepCool Neptwin Heatsink


Mar 25, 2003
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Frosty Tech have reviewed the DeepCool Neptwin Heatsink - here's a snippet:

"Like a tower heatsink on steroids, the Deepcool Neptwin heatsink incorporates two full-size aluminum cooling fin stacks, twin 120mm fans, six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes and a chunky 5mm thick copper heatspreader base plate - it's almost literally two heatsinks in one!

Given the boxy 120x131mm footprint of this cooler, you ought to know it stands 159mm tall and weighs upwards of 1109 grams, too. I suspect a few readers may scoff at the relatively unknown DeepCool brandname, but if you jump ahead to the heatsink reference charts you'll see that this cooler does indeed perform well, with moderate noise output.

The twin full-size cooling towers and doubled up fans are only part of the story however, the real coup d'etat is how DeepCool configured its fan speeds. The front 120mm PWM fan operates at 1500-900RPM to drive air through the first 40mm thick aluminum fin stack based on moment to moment CPU thermal requirements while the center 120mm fan operates at a fixed speed of 1300RPM; essentially ensuring a steady volume of airflow is always pulled through the two fin stacks. Consequently, DeepCool's Neptwin sees very little thermal performance fluctuation between its high and low fan speed settings. In short, it's a heatsink ideally sized for Intel LGA2011 platforms and AMD FX-series chips."

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