Please help. My wife is going to kill me!



She used to use a previous version of Windows Media Player, and when she
downloaded a song into her library, she would click on it, and take the
option "Add To Playlist" whereupon she chose the playlist she wanted to add
it to. But today I persuaded her to update to Windows Media Player 11., which
we downloaded. However, when she downloaded some songs tonight and clicked on
them, it did not give Add to Playlist" as an option. Can someone please tell
us how you move a downloaded song to a playlist with Media Player 11?

My wife says she is going to kill me if I don't get an answer!




Hi P.I don,t come onto the site very often anymore but i just happened to be
surfing and decided to check in.I,m not an expert.But i,ll try to help.If you
open wmp.Select music.Click on the arrow below library.Click add to
library.My files and those of others i can access.The player will search for
all media on the pc doesn,t matter what file it is in.Once it is done.Close
the box.All the songs will be in the library.She can right click on the songs
and put them in a list.I,d hate to see you die in the name of
this helps.TERRY.

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